Insurable Persons

Students who are enrolled at state or state-recognized universities in the Federal Republic of Germany as well as students of preparatory courses, language school participants and interns are insured if the language course or internship is a prerequisite for taking up a course of study. School students and doctoral students are also insured. Insured persons who are obligated to pay into the social security system also receive mandatory long-term care insurance.
Entry age: 12 to 34 years old.


Scope of insurance coverage

The health insurance Care Student applies during the stay

  • within Germany;
  • furthermore within Europe.
  • plus coverage worldwide in the first month.

Duration of coverage

With Care Student, you enjoy unlimited insurance coverage with a maximum duration of coverage of 60 months. After 60 months an adjustment to plan KVS1 of HanseMerkur Krankenversicherung AG follows WITHOUT the need to undergo another medical examination.

Care Student - All benefits at a glance*

Health insurance
Benefits* Care Student
Outpatient treatment by a doctor Ja
Inpatient treatment at a hospital (standard care class - multiple-bed rooms - no optional benefits) Ja
Prescription medications and transportation Ja
Examinations and treatment by gynaecologists Ja
Costs for treatment acc. to GOÄ/GOZ Jaup to 2.3 times the basic rate
Pregnancy examinations and treatments, delivery Ja
Dental treatment Jaup to EUR 500.00, thereafter 50% per calendar year
Dental prosthesis and orthodontics Ja50 % up to EUR 500.00 per calendar year
Medical aids and remedies (therapies: light, physical, ergo, speech, massage) Ja
Psychotherapy (outpatient) Jaat 70%, max. 50 meetings per calendar year
Daily hospital allowance (from the 15th day of a medically necessary hospital stay) JaEUR 25.00 EUR per day, max. 20 days per calendar year
Convalescence allowance (for a hospital stay of 14 days and subsequent incapacity for work, at least 90 calendar days total) JaEUR 1,500.00
Coverage in home country/abroad JaEurope; non-European countries in the first month
Deductible JaEUR 300.00 per calendar year
Guarantee of continued coverage Ja
Premium guarantee for the entire duration of coverage** Ja

*For a complete list of benefits see the general terms and conditions of insurance as well as the specific conditions for your rate.
**Applies only to health insurance, not to mandatory long-term care insurance. Exception: There is a jump in the premium at the age of 30.

Premium list private health insurance Care Student

Age Health insurance for students Nursing insurance for students Total
12-29 Years 69,62 € / Month 16,46 € / Month 86,08 € / Month
30-34 Years 95,68 € / Month 16,46 € / Month 112,14 € / Month

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